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Why Make Business More Complicated?

The GFA is here to help you be innovative, profitable, and successful by aligning you with people who can support and serve your business. We offer regular and significant member forums to help you develop and strengthen profitable relationships—and get answers, ideas, and opinions to help you stay ahead of the curve.

To keep you informed and connected, the GFA holds two MEETINGS per year at varied locations throughout the United States and Canada. Each meeting features a Supplier Expo, roundtable discussions, plenty of networking opportunities, and a chance to hear presentations from leading industry experts.

As a member you will receive timely and relevant industry information that may help you solve a problem or develop your next big idea. You’ll also have access to intelligence, research, and the latest technologies through our technical webinars, expert presenters at GFA meetings, and TechTeam™, a group of industry professionals who quickly research and answer your toughest questions (offered in collaboration with the International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking). Where else can you find such great technical support?

With GFA, it’s easy to get answers, ideas, and opinions to help you stay ahead of the curve. In fact, if you’re working without GFA, you’re working way too hard. There’s no need to go it alone. GFA is affordable, easy, fun, and ready to help you get the information you need to drive your business forward. With two types of memberships, Regular (Fabricator) and Associate (Supplier), it is easy for you to find your place. Start enjoying the benefits of at GFA membership today by completing an application on the JOIN page.

We look forward to seeing you at the next GFA EVENT—and to helping you become more successful faster!