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Phone Number: 859-240-9777
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Zotefoams Inc.

22 Lone Oak Trail
Sunset Valley, TX 78745
United States of America

Zotefoams is the world’s largest manufacturer of lightweight cross-linked polyolefin block foams (AZOTE®) and additionally sells and licenses high-performance products (ZOTEK® and T-FIT®) and microcellular materials technology (MuCell®).

At Zotefoams we focus on producing high-performance, high quality foams, using technologies exclusive to us. Our unique nitrogen expansion process results in a chemical free foam with no VOC’s or harmful chemicals added.

This technology, as well as being environmentally friendly, is extremely flexible. This manufacturing process allows us to foam a wide range of common and very unique polymers. Some of the unique characteristics of Zotefoams products come from the combination of foaming process and polymer performance, delivering properties including excellent fire resistance, high-temperature stability, toughness and insulation.
Regardless of polymer, our technology produces foam that is:

• uniform
• pure
• non-toxic
• lightweight
• durable

The separation of the process allows very accurate control of the individual parameters governing consistent production of high quality foams.

We sell our products through an established worldwide network of approved and regulated distributors, and converters who fabricate items using Zotefoams products.

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