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Wilson Mfg. Co.

4725 Green Park Rd
St. Louis, MO 63123
United States of America

Wilson Manufacturing has been supplying the rotary die cutting industry with quality and leadership since 1979. Our “machine” sharpened dies are what differentiate Wilson Mfg from the competition. Since the onset of rotary die cutting, steel rolls were milled to form blades and then hand sharpened for cutting purposes. Although this practice produced inconsistent results it was the best option at that time. Today, Wilson is one of the few die companies that is “machine” sharpening dies, yielding footage and tolerances once believed to be impossible. These dies were created for abrasive, tight tolerance, and long run applications and they deliver!

In addition to the standard rotary cutting die, we also make vacuum insert dies, air-eject dies, spring plunger dies and male/female dies. Premium steels, 21st century CNC equipment, high-tech steel hardening processes, cryogenic treatments, machine sharpening and life extending coatings. That’s the Wilson recipe for performance and customer satisfaction.

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