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Virtek Vision International

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LaserQC® — Advanced, Non-Contact, Automated Quality Inspection System for 2D Inspection and 2D Reverse Engineering of Parts Improve quality, reduce your scrap and re-work and improve your customer satisfaction with our advanced, non-contact, rapid, 2D laser quality inspection solution. Use LaserQC® for 2D inspection, Flat Part, Gasket Inspection, Sheet Metal, QC Inspection and Quality Control Inspection, first article inspection, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and reverse engineering of 2D materials. Inspect parts right on the shop floor, in the flat, before value is added to the part. There are numerous variables that can contribute to a failed flat part — the wrong tool, programming errors, and many more. By inspecting the first piece of a production run, costly rework becomes a thing of the past. Reverse Engineering in a few clicks–Take almost any 2D part and have LaserQC create a fully dimension DXF in seconds. LaserQC enables you to: • Pinpoint errors before they cost to reduce scrap and re-work and increase profitability • Eliminate quality control bottlenecks and reduce production machine downtime • Shorten delivery times to meet tight customer demands • Win new business by offering full inspection reports or even a reverse engineering service • Improve your quality process with quick, random or 100% inspections and the system’s statistical process control (SPC) capability

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