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Toray International America

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Escaine® and GS Felt for Industrial Applications

Ecsaine® and GS Felt are proprietary industrial materials from Toray consisting of ultra-fine fiber nonwoven polyester impregnated with polyurethane resin.
Ecsaine and GS Felt offer performance benefits and thickness variations that are not available from existing materials such as rubber, felt, and foam.

Performance benefits of Ecsaine®

Excellent Processability
Excellent Recovery
Low friction
Wipe-clean performance
Water and oil absorption properties
Acoustic absorbency

The physical properties that result in the unique performance characteristics of Escaine® make it ideal for technical and innovative uses in an almost infinite number of industrial applications, such as action parts in pianos, dust curtains for DVD players and gaming consoles, toner cleaning rollers inside printers, filter for gas lighters, or water absorbing rollers in industrial equipment.

Toray International America, Inc. is a subsidiary company of Toray Industries (Toray Group).
Toray Group is an integrated chemical industry group developing its business in 26 countries and regions worldwide celebrating its 90th Year Anniversary in 2016.

Toray Group combines nanotechnology with its core technologies of organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biotechnology, based on which it globally develops the Foundation Businesses of fibers and textiles, plastics and chemicals as well as businesses such as IT-related products, carbon fiber composite materials, pharmaceuticals & medical products, environment & engineering including water treatment.

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