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Phone Number: 443-817-2767
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CMC Cevenini USA LLC

7602 Energy Pkwy
Suite 2
Curtis Bay, MD 21226
United States of America

CMC Cevenini founded in 1939 by Oreste Cevenini. In the fifties CMC Cevenini started to commercialize its products in the USA market. Now it is a highly specialized company in engineering, manufacturing and marketing of AUTOMATIC LOG SLITTERS and LOG WINDERS for conversion of majority of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes (PSAT) such as PVC insulated, Vinyl, Double sided, etc. Foam tapes, Plastic films, Cloth, No-woven, Felt, Foil, Graphite, Paper, Roofing & DPC materials, and many other similar products .
The most important advantages offered by LOG SLITTERS are minimizing time settings; possibility to cut many different roll widths from the same log and quick change over set-up to slit different kind of materials. These and many other benefits make LOG SLITTERS very versatile and flexible machines, offering the end user improvement in quality and productivity.

Over 75 years of dedicated experience, the slitting tradition continues and enables the Company to meet every day converting industry market requirements thanks to the continuous family growth of CMC Converting Machinery Cevenini LOG SLITTERS & LOGGERS.

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