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Phone Number: 800-668-0646
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Canada Rubber Group Inc.

405 Lake Rd
Unit # 3
Bowmanville, AL L1C 4P8

CRG manufactures custom-cut. molded and extruded parts for End User and MRO applications in a broad range of industries.

We carry over $2M in material inventory and produce from a wide variety of materials, including:

a. Rubbers
b. Plastics
c. Foams
d. Sponges
e. Other Elastomers
f. Specialty Materials

Beyond production, we also provide our customers with a great deal of application and other expertise to help them achieve the best outcomes.

Founded in 1987 and continuously improving, Canada Rubber Group (CRG) is a manufacturer of custom-cut and molded rubber and plastic parts.

We operate on a few simple and important beliefs:

1. Customer satisfaction is everybody’s responsibility.
2. Always challenge standards and norms to push our company and the industry forward.
3. We all benefit when we work together with suppliers and peers to solve common challenges and achieve common goals.
4. Our staff should have a positive experience in the workplace.
5. Raise awareness and understanding about our industry, products and services.
6. We should do our best to minimize our environmental footprint.

The CRG Production System is an ever-improving way of providing timely, high quality products with industry-leading flexibility and agility. We continuously improve and challenge our processes and methods, ever searching for new, innovative ways to increase productivity, quality, safety, ergonomics, and more. The CRG Production System fully conforms to the latest ISO 9001 standard.

If you’re interested in learning about our CRG Production System, or how you can begin or expand your own journey of improvement, we would be happy to speak with you!

Through our membership with the GFA, CRG has been able to learn and improve in a number of ways that we otherwise couldn’t have. From contingency planning to team building and more, the GFA has been a major supporter of our business community.

One of the primary benefits for CRG has been the mutual support and sharing between our peers. We strongly advocate that everybody in the GFA should take full advantage of the many benefits it offers and to reach out to companies like ours so that we may learn and improve together.

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