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Phone Number: 800-382-0067
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AFTECH - Advanced Fabricating Technology, LLC

687 Byrne Industrial Dr
Rockford, MI 49341

AFTECH provides custom converting and fabricating of non-metallic parts through die cutting, slitting, promoting, laminating, and assembly. Working with plastics, foams, films, fabrics, rubbers and adhesives we have developed efficient processes to deliver products that meet our customer’s expectations through small and large production runs. AFTECH products are used in a wide range of commodities for the purpose of noise reduction, vibration dampening, masking, bonding, sealing, and insulating.

We serve a wide range of industries including: Automotive, Transportation, Aerospace, Appliance, Furniture, Habitat, Electrical, Medical, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Heavy Equipment, and Recreational.

AFTECH’s experienced staff will partner directly with you through project design, quotation, prototyping, production, packaging and global delivery. AFTECH provides engineered solutions including slitting, promoting to enhance surface treatment for improved adhesion, single and multi-layer lamination through transfer tapes, automated hot spray glue, and roll coating. Our capabilities include cutting up to 52 x 78 inches, high-speed rotary, and laser cutting. In addition, we offer die cut pull tabs to allow for efficient assembly of the adhesive products, automated assembly, and custom packaging.

We take pride in providing products in a customized presentation to work within your manufacturing environment. This includes custom boxes with individual pieces, rolls, pads, and kits.

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