New Die Cutting Machinery and Capabilities

CGR Products has continued to grow its capabilities by adding several new pieces of die-cutting and converting machinery over the last couple of years. This new state-of-the-art machinery has added new die-cutting capabilities and will bring several benefits to our customers.  Benefits include improved efficiency, enhanced quality, expanded product range, increased capacity, and competitive advantages.  This new machinery incorporates energy-efficient features, reducing power consumption and lowering operational costs in the long run. Additionally, improved efficiency and quality control can minimize material waste and rework, leading to cost savings for all our customers.


CGR Products waterjetCGR Products has added 4 new state-of-the-art waterjet cutters.  These use a high-pressure stream of water to cut, offering excellent material yield and the ability to cut materials that are more difficult to cut with a die. Utilizing a CAD operating system, CGR Products’ waterjet equipment has a rapid change over time and allows for easy dimensional changes to parts.


CGR Products SlitterCGR Products has added 2 new Cevenini material slitters and a core cutter.  These machines offer slitting of a variety of materials utilizing the technology of displacement slitting (more commonly known as baloney slitting)a process whereby rolled materials are automatically slit without unwinding/rewinding.  The high-speed core cutter quickly cuts cores on demand, which increases production speeds.

Belt Driven Die Cut Presses

CGR Products Belt Driven die cutting pressCGR Products added 2 new belt-driven die-cutting presses featuring auto cad to improve the placement of the cutting die on the material to be cut. These give greater control over die-cutting operations and offer the largest saving in materials. The speed and feeding accuracy are double compared to the traditional systems. The die-cutting capabilities of these machines offer improved reliability and cycle repeatability.


Rotary Die Cut Machine

CGR Products rotary die cutting machineCGR Products has moved its latest high-volume Delta Modtech rotary die-cutting machine to its Inver Grove Heights, MN location.  The MN location is ideal for tape converting and rotary cut applications.  This new rotary system is ideal for high-speed, cost-effective, and precision cut parts on high-volume orders. It is ideal for “kiss cut” or “peel and stick” applications. Kiss cutting is performed by cutting through the part down to, but not through, the release liner. The parts are supplied on a roll or pad for easy “peel and stick” application.


We find it essential for CGR Products to effectively communicate these advancements to our existing customers, suppliers, and potential new customers. Highlighting these benefits and increased capabilities will help new business opportunities and reinforce existing partnerships.  Die Cut Gaskets, Seals, and custom-fabricated parts are our specialty.  Contact us today for your next project.

Used Gapped Plate Laminator System purchased new in 2015. This equipment is located in Rockledge, FL. A video is available. Contact Daniel Martel for more information 819-448-0863

Unwind with two PSA Unwinds

Laminator Practix Model OK-300

Rewind system

Human Machine Interface Control (HMI)

CW800HD Duplex Slitter Rewinder – it’s less than 2 years old and was only really used for 6 months from December 2020 – May 2021

The final cost per machine when purchased $320,000. We are looking to sell one of our two machines $208,000 (35% below our cost)

Purchased brand-new in 2020, this high-speed Elite Cameron CW800HD Duplex Slitter Rewinder can handle slitting many different nonwovens, papers, and films up to 94” wide.

Contact Frank Porto for more information:

Features include:





GFA Members, the GFA technical webinar: Rotary Die Cutting vs. Waterjet Cutting is now available in the member’s resource center. Jeff Stetler with DCS USA and Richard Ward with WARDJet present a webinar with a difference! They compare rotary die cutting and waterjet cutting in an interactive manner that is intriguing, full of action, and fun.

Want to know when one machine process would be better than another? This 60-minute webinar will be the place to be.

So, get set to relax and enjoy a brief explanation of these totally different processes that are so important to our industry. Watch the webinar now in the resource center.