GFA Leaders Working For You

Meet the GFA’s Board of Directors, which is comprised of members who have consistently served to advance the association and the industry. Have a question about the GFA or the industry? Reach out to them anytime.

Board of Directors

David Behrens

Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics

Riley Brand

Jacobs & Thompson

Terry Buckley

LGS Technologies

Brian Condon

Rogers Foam Corporation

Erin Gurney

Accurate Felt & Gasket Mfg.

Gary Guzek

Sealing Devices

Chuck Keeley

CGR Products, Inc.

Daniel Kubick

Rogers Corporation

Ryan McCune

Merryweather Foam Inc

Sheena Rohoman

Precision Gaskets Inc.

Petra Schaefer

Adhesive Applications

GFA Committees

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee considers enhancements to the GFA’s website, newsletter, social media program, and other tools to promote the GFA and deliver information to members.

Chair: Angelo D'Amico, Canada Rubber Group

Program & Content Committee

The Program and Content Committee selects future meeting programs, speakers, and locations for the GFA’s semi-annual meetings.

Chair: Jason Henderson, LGS Technologies

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops and implements initiatives for the recruitment of new members, reviews and recommends for approval the applications of potential members, and encourages participation in GFA activities.

Chair: Andrew Nuce, UFP Technologies

Technical Content Development Committee

The Technical Content Development Committee develops technical content of interest to GFA members for delivery through webinars, newsletter articles, meeting programs, and the GFA’s Technical Handbook.

Chair: Austin Mathew, AM Rubber & Foam Gaskets Inc.

GFA Management

994 Old Eagle School Rd.
Suite 1019
Wayne, PA 19087
(610) 971-4850

Peter M. Lance

Executive Director

James A. Wolfington

Marketing Manager

Daniel Paschke

Administrative Director