Human Resource Workshops

The Future Starts Now Through Succession Planning

Charlie Keeley, Richard Wilmoth, and Brandon Shaneyfelt with CGR Products

Does your company have a robust succession plan in place that creates continuity in this increasingly volatile work environment? Does your company’s development process adequately grow associates, so they are prepared to fill your succession plan? This workshop will outline intentional succession planning steps and valuable development tools that will help ensure backup personnel are identified to fill in immediately and future candidates are identified so they can be trained over time for specific positions.

Managing the Risks Created by Problematic Employees: What To Do and Not Do

Robert Weil, Esq.

The focus of the workshop will be to share and talk through a variety of important employment policies and procedures that will assist an employer in better managing its employees and help in the avoidance of the risks created by problematic employees. We will discuss policies that can be implemented to protect both the employer and its employees; we will talk about common employee warning signs that may be missed by the employer or HR staff; and we will share helpful techniques in the hiring process, identification of key employee documentation, disciplinary and termination issues, how to address bullying and harassment in the workplace, and finally, workplace issues arising out of the pandemic.

Understanding Your Organization’s Culture: Tools to Make HR Practices Strategic

Sheila Margolis with Workplace Culture Institute

Discover how to define your organization’s core culture and align HR practices to your culture and strategy.

Culture is your organization’s hidden asset. It should motivate and drive employees to achieve, produce, and excel. But what is culture and how do you harness its power? During this interactive session, discover innovative and practical tools to define and shape your culture and then align it with your HR practices. Be strategic in how you hire, develop, communicate, and manage performance so that you reinforce the distinctive culture of your organization and position it for success.


Planning for 2024: What Will Compensation Look Like?

Nicole Long, MS, SHRM-SCP, CCP

Are your compensation and benefits packages outdated? In this session, we will explore:

1) the top trends in compensation and benefits from 2023,

2) what strategies are helping companies attract and retain top talent, and

3) data points you need to be aware of as you plan for 2024 budgets.

Ready, Set, Go! Getting New Hires off to a Good Start with Effective Onboarding

Laurel Berenguer, SPHR & SHRM-CSP

Finally, you’ve found someone to fill that open position!  So, you’re done right?  Not even close.  You may not realize it, but engagement (or disengagement) starts even before your new hire’s first day on the job.

Companies with an effective onboarding process improved new hire retention by 82% according to Glassdoor research.  If you want to make sure there’s a day two, a solid onboarding program (including orientation and training) is vital.

Onboarding is key to acclimatizing and integrating your new employee into the company.  If well-designed, it provides tools to increase their chances of success and enhances the overall employee experience.  This session will explore getting your new hire ready, set, and off to a good start.


Mining (and Polishing) The Diamonds: Talent Acquisition in the New World of Work

Demitri Fardelos with WARCO – Moderator
Carolyn J Clark, SPHR with Berry Global
Sarah Garis with Sealing Devices
David Keating with Trelleborg
Gigi Snyder with Rogers Foam Corporation

A great employee is a jewel. The workplace is changing and that means the old ways of finding and keeping top talent have changed, too. Join this panel discussion to learn how GFA member companies are “mining the diamonds,” or finding the right people and polishing them with the right performance and pay management systems. Understand what you need to do to incent your workforce to drive results for your organization.