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The New Standard for Gasketed Joint Design: ASTM F2836
Submitted by Adam Arnett, amtec North America, Inc. (December 2019)

Surface Conditions
Submitted by Larry Pyle, JBC Technologies, Inc (December 2019)

The One Two Three of Tonnage Calculation
Submitted by Robert Wax, Associated Pacific Machine Corp. (December 2019)

Frame Gaskets for EMI Shielding
Submitted by Dominic J. Testo, Specialty Silicone Products (December 2019)

Leakage and Methods to Detect
Submitted by Larry Pyle, JBC Technologies, Inc (December 2019)

Guide to Converting Waste Removal
Submitted by Midway Rotary Die Solutions, Midway Rotary Die Solutions (August 2019)

Potential Employer and Employee Pitfalls under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act
Submitted by Bob Weil, UFP Technologies (August 2019)

Stronger Than You Think
Submitted by Marco Schildknecht, Frenzelit, Inc. (August 2019)

Invisible Infrastructure
Submitted by John Bonforte, Sr., Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp. (January 2019)

Technical Bulletin: Gasket Design Guidelines
Submitted by Chris Schenck, Amorim Cork Composites (January 2019)

Addressing Shelf Life Questions for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Submitted by Scott Miller, 3M Company (August 2018)

Commercial Grade Rubber vs. Specialty Rubber
Submitted by Clyde Sharpe, Elasto Proxy Inc. (March 2018)

Why Doesn’t My Machine Work?
Submitted by Bob Wax, Associated Pacific Machine Corp. (January 2018)

Platinum-Cured Silicones Open Medical Markets to Gasket Fabricators
Submitted by Dominic Testo, Specialty Silicone Products (August 2017)

Nickel Graphite vs. Silver Aluminum in Metal-Filled Shielding Elastomers
Submitted by Dominic Testo, Specialty Silicone Products (September 2015)

Laser Processing for Gasket Fabrication
Submitted by Joe Hillman, Universal Laser Systems, Inc. (March 2015)

Particle-Filled Silicones for EMI Shielding and Environmental Sealing
Submitted by Dominic Testo, Specialty Silicone Products (December 2014)

Expert Advice Aids Selection of the Right Gasket Material
Submitted by Bill Searle, Canada Rubber Group, Inc. (December 2013)

The Solution May Be in the Carrier
Submitted by Rebecca Blose, CCT (August 2011)

Static Electricity and Ways to Prevent It
Submitted by Michael Thyberg, Adchem Corp. (December 2010)

Polymer Resistance to Aleternatice Fuels
Submitted by Charles Thrasher, Trellborg (December 2009)

Silicone Rubber in Extreme Environments
Submitted by Rick Ziebell, R.D. Abbott Company (August 2009)

Laser Basics for Die Cutting Fabricators
Submitted by Preco, Inc. (March 2009)

Eco-Materials & Sustainability
Submitted by Demetri Fardelos and Tim Vos, Amorim Cork Composites (December 2008)

General Rubber Compounds
Submitted by Jim Ward, BRP Manufacturing (December 2008)

Flame Lamination
Submitted by John Dean, Jacobs & Thompson (August 2008)

Form in Place Gasketing
Submitted by Gary Guzek, Sealing Devices, Inc. (August 2008)

What About IMDS?
Submitted by Mike Scarpelli, Everseal Gasket, Inc. (December 2006)

Higher Flourine Content Flouroelastomers
Submitted by David Blender & Charles Thrasher, Reeves-Trelleborg (December 2005)

Cork Rubber Materials
Submitted by Matt Messmer, Amorim Industrial Solutions (August 2005)

Thermal Interface Materials
Submitted by Gary Guzek, Sealing Devices, Inc. (August 2005)